Centenary Square saw the revitalisation of the civic centre of Parramatta in Sydney’s west.  The project aimed at improving connectivity and passive surveillance and re-establishing the space as the civic centre of the city to cater for large community events and gatherings.
The design de-cluttered the existing mall and introduced a restrained, contemporary palette, focusing on a unified ground plane with seating and other built elements located towards the edges to ensure maximum usability and flexibility of the space.  The larger open Square is subtly delineated by a change in pavement pattern, and during periods of non-events, is activated through a significant animated and illuminated water play element incorporated subtly within the ground plane.
The success of the revitalization is evident in the new-found popularity as an open, central space to accommodate varying events and activities of the city of Parramatta.  The project has been recognized with the following award:
2016 AILA NSW Civic Landscape Architecture Award
David was involved in the design and delivery of this project while employed with JMD design.
Client: Parramatta City Council
Budget: $7m
Photographs: David Warwick

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