‘Jardins Frenchs Forest’ is a new seniors residential community set within the lush bushland setting of Frenchs Forest.
Paddock were engaged by Platino Properties to develop a landscape design in response to a previously developed architectural layout.  The design focuses on four main principles: ensure legible access and entry points to the precinct, ensure clear and legible access within the precinct, allow for a mixture of active and passive use for residents and visitors, and enhance the unique bushland setting of surrounding landscape.
The design incorporates a pedestrian circulation network that does not rely on the covered curtilage of the ground floor buildings.  Rather, the primary entry to the precinct is centralised adjacent to the driveway entry, via a generous width, pedestrian orientated, open to the sky ‘street’ that leads through to the central entry plaza and shared-use laneway.  From here, residents and visitors can navigate to the clearly defined building entries located around the central lawn. The area adjacent to building entries has been kept deliberately open and decluttered to ensure clear sightlines are maintained throughout the precinct, particularly from the precinct entry and ‘entry plaza’. 
The central courtyard and garden spaces will include a mixture of passive and active use destinations that will activate the edges of the central lawn area and contribute to the liveability and amenity of the precinct.  This space is decluttered, with activity located towards the edges.  Groundfloor commercial tenancies, such as a café, restaurant or retail space, will activate the building surrounds through areas of outdoor dining. 
The design enhances the bushland setting, provided by the Garigal National Park, the Wakehurst Parkway wildlife corridor and the Frenchs Forest landscaped road setbacks, through endemic buffer planting areas within a generous, deep soil setback along the western, southern and eastern boundaries. 
The bushland character extends through to the central courtyard with large native canopy trees, clusters of native palms and understorey planting, grounding the development within its bushland setting.  The mixture of tall native palm groves and groupings of large canopy trees will ‘green’ the central courtyard and provide scale and separation between the new apartment buildings.
The planting within direct proximity to the building surrounds and communal terraces is residential in scale and includes a variety of robust, low maintenance indigenous and non-invasive exotics that will provide interest through form, texture and variation in seasonal colour.

Client: Platino Properties
Architect: PA Studio
Graphics: Paddock | Photomontage: Paddock
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