Julia Reserve is a new recreational park and community space aimed at providing a mix of activities for the youth of Oran Park in Sydney’s west. The design caters for a mix of active, passive and programmed uses to compliment the broader network of open spaces within the Oran Park community. 
The project was developed in close conjunction with renowned skate park designers, CONVIC, to ensure a cohesive design that incorporated the new skate facility seamlessly within the broader recreational setting.  A unifying arbour structure incorporating artwork from the local community links the different spaces within the park and establishes a unique identity for the park within the broader community. 
The project includes skate areas that cater for intermediate to advanced skaters in addition to areas where beginners may safely develop their skills.  The park includes a parkour facility, multi-use courts, kick-about areas, ping-pong tables and recreational facilities such as shelters, shared-use pathways, seating and the like.  The design was also required to incorporate significant bio-detention basins to detain and treat stormwater runoff from the surrounding community prior to discharging into local waterways.
The project is currently under construction and is due for completion in late 2019.
David was involved in the design and documentation of this project whilst employed with JMD design.

Client: Urban Growth NSW
Budget: $2.5-$3m
Skate Designer: CONVIC
Graphics: Produced whilst employed with JMD design
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