Paddock were engaged by MESA Sostenible to work with them in developing and delivering their vision for a sustainable education farm and nutrition kitchen in El Tambo of the Tola region of Nicaragua.  MESA Sostenible aims to promote economic, social and environmental sustainability within a rural community.  This will be achieved through a hands-on education program focused on two main areas: an evidence-based permaculture program centered on the design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems tailored for the Tola region of Nicaragua; and, a hands-on nutrition kitchen utilizing organically grown produce from site, that promotes the importance of food diversity and nutritional food consumption.
The project has received the following industry award:
2017 AILA National Award (International Category)
Client: MESA Sostenible
Budget: $95,000 USD
Graphics: Paddock Studio
Photographs: David Warwick

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