Paddock worked with Matthew Pullinger Architects and Tribe Architects on a new commercial tower within the heart of Sydney along George Street.  
The groundfloor will contribute to the revitalised pedestrian-oriented frontage of the George Street lightrail, in addition to providing access and activation to Wynyard Lane.
Two terraces are provided for the users of the building both with differing outlooks – a shaded terrace garden on level four that provides a vantage point over George Street and an upper terrace garden on level thirteen that is bright and open to the sky. 
The terraces are designed to provide a green outlook from interior spaces and allow visitors to be immersed within a lush garden setting. Taller planting within the spaces will be visible from the George Street public domain, contributing to the ‘greening’ of George Street. Deeper soil planting areas will be located towards the edges of the space to allow the central area to be de-cluttered and cater for a mixture of active or passive use. Large stone blocks terraced within the garden areas retain areas for deeper planting and also act as informal seating.  Paved areas meander through the garden and allow space for movable furniture to be positioned. ​​​​​​​

Client: Private
Graphics: Paddock

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