As one of the last key publicly accessible riverfront sites left within the CBD of Brisbane, South Bank’s River Quay re-imagines the public realm and creates an iconic river edge destination for the people of Brisbane.
The symbolism of the Brisbane River and shorelines was explored to generate a unified landscape gesture.  The significant movement paths for people and bicycles peel away from the river edge on their own journey flowing around the new lower River Quay green to meet the iconic South Bank Arbour.  The new green is deprogrammed and offers a robust setting in which a variety of social and cultural activities may occur for locals and tourists alike.  The river is given back to the public and together with a variety of river edge typologies and newly created city views, forms the centrepiece and focus for this precinct, with the restaurants providing a relatively quiet backdrop.
The project involved intertidal river works, a large grassed amphitheatre, terracing, a significant plaza and arrival area, subtropical native plantings and bespoke furniture and artwork referencing the sites unique cultural and environmental history.
David was the lead designer and manager for this significant project and was involved in all aspects of its design and delivery for the full four-year duration.  The project has received numerous industry awards including:
2014 | AILA National for River Quay, Design Category (whilst employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.)
2013 | AILA QLD Award of Excellence for River Quay Brisbane, Design Category (whilst employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.)
2012 | PIA Australian Award for Urban Design, River Quay Brisbane (whilst employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.)
2012 | AIA Queensland Karl Langer Award for Urban Design, River Quay Brisbane (whilst employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.)
2012 | AIA John Dalton Building of the Year, River Quay Brisbane (whilst employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.)
2011 | UDIA Queensland Consultants Excellence, River Quay Brisbane (whilst employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.)

David was involved in the design and management of River Quay while employed with Cardno S.P.L.A.T.

Client: South Bank Corporation
Budget: $13m
Photographs: John Gollings. Dallas Ellis.
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